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Valerie Del Brocco

Broker, ABR®, SRES®



​I've been a Full Time Licensed Real Estate Broker for 12 years.  This is what happened that propelled me to get my license in the first place....

​I was working during the day on my own Marketing Business as well, working at night Managing an Outbound Call Centre.  Our goal at night was to call existing clients and have them renew their magazine subscriptions.  I took the staff and the department from barely breaking even to making them Millions of Dollars Annually.  In fact, my department was the only one that was making money....I was single handedly keeping the company afloat.

​After about 5 years of this I found myself in a rut, tired and feeling like there was more to life than my business and selling magazines.  I wasn't making a difference...I wasn't impacting the world!  But, I was unsure of what to do next.

​I told Gigi I was heading away for the weekend to get some space and clear my head.  I headed north to visit my parents who had retired and moved to a beautiful century old home on a lake.  I went for a couple of walks, I grabbed a fishing pole and cast for a couple of hours....but was still very unsettled.  Eventually, off to bed and by early morning I couldn't sleep so turned on the TV to have my coffee.

​There was this concert going on in Africa.  If you recall, many years ago Bob Geldoff put on the LIVE 8 concert.  After a couple of hours watching it then moved to America. I had forgotten about my woes and was just enamoured with the music and the energy of what was going on.  Then IT happened....Madonna came out and started talking about many years before, with Bob's first BIG concert to help Africa there was a picture of a young baby who was weak and struggling to live.

​Next thing I know this beautiful woman walks out on stage and Mandonna said that she was the infant who was helped from the proceeds of the first concert....I froze.  I thought to myself, "Oh my God, what a way to impact the world!"

I wanted to do something that BIG too!!  And the wheels started to turn and slowly I realized that the world was just too Big for me....I needed to start something closer to home...home is where it's got to happen...home, home.....HOMES!! 

Later that Saturday night (after the concert of course!) I called Gigi and told her I wanted to meet her for breakfast.  I woke up early on that Sunday and heading back to the city.  Sitting down I told Gigi of my struggle to figure out what I wanted to do next and explained what happened throughout the day watching the concert and the impact the Madonna segment had on me.  I said, "I want to get my Real Estate License!"  Her response, "Do It!!!!!"

Now, the rest is Not History as I plan to continue to accomplish more in my career.  Thus far we are Top Sales, have earned several designations and awards including the Directors Award.  I am Certified in Dispute Resolution which enhances my fierce skill of Negotiation.  As you can see...I like to Win. 

When I Win...YOU Win!!!

I'm passionate about sports and giving back, being of service.  I do a lot of Volunteering, not only with in my Business in Real Estate but in the sports world and at Church...I love to sing in the Choir.  I've been involved with the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games, I will be helping with the 2017 Toronto Invictus Games and my goal is to Volunteer with Team Canada at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Our business, over the years, has taken on its own life.  That is to say, we have grown the business into a Practice that Specializes in Estates and Probates.  We are well versed on what to legally expect during the probating process of Wills.  As well, we are sensitive to family dynamics, feelings and vulnerabilities.  As well, we are proficient and learned to the Executor's legal responsibilities. 

As I mentioned earlier, I am passionate about being of service and this Specialization really is fulfilling as I feel I am positvely impacting someone's world. 

If I can help you, I am happy to be of service!

Languages: English
Speciality: Specializing in Zoomer, Boomer, Senior, Estate, Probate Sales
Area Covered: We will go where you are when you need us
Experience: 12

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